Memento Mori Life Calendar (Download)

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Visualize your life in weeks & unlock your true potential

Your life is made up of 4160 weeks, and this tool will help you make the most of them.

Fill in a new square with each passing week, and you'll quickly experience improved focus, a heightened perspective on life, and a rush of motivation to take consistent action.


Latin for 'Remember your death', Memento Mori is a powerful concept that's been used for centuries to help people focus on what truly matters.

The calendar was designed as an interactive tool to help you harness the concept by visualizing your life week by week.

From Seneca to Steve Jobs, Leo Tolstoy to Charles Darwin, high achieving individuals use a hyperawareness of their mortality to accomplish more and live better.

Stuck in a rut? 
Endlessly procrastinating?
Held back by the fear of failure?

Being aware of your mortality may sound scary, but it’s an extremely effective catalyst for reflection and change. It puts all the things that don’t matter into perspective, melts away fears, and clears a path for you to focus on what's truly important.

The ritual of filling in a new square each week will jolt you into the present moment, provide you with an improved perspective on life, and give you the motivation and drive to take action week after week.

Using the calendar for a few months has been a life-changing experience for me. I'm looking forward to hearing your story of how it's improved your life too!

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Two files included 

  • PDF #1: A4 (for printing at home)
  • PDF #2: 12"x18" (for professional printing)

Split every 10 rows to mark each decade

Split in the middle to mark the half-year point



How to download

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Does it come pre-filled?

If you select your age, you will receive the calendar filled up to your current age. You will only need to fill out the weeks that have passed since your last birthday.

Click HERE to calculate how many weeks have passed since your last birthday.

If you want to receive a blank calendar, do not select your age before placing your order.


Can I change the quote?

Definitely! Please send me a DM on instagram or email me  with the quote before placing your order.

Custom quote requests cannot be made after the order is placed, so please reach out prior to purchasing.


Do you offer bulk discounts?

Yes! Save 15% off your entire order when you purchase 3 or more calendars.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 137 reviews
Digital download

Very accommodating of custom requests. Quick responses to inquiries.

Chris Madduluri

Memento Mori Life Calendar (Download)

John Thielmann

A constant reminder of how to guide what you think, say and do.

Joshua Paul

I love the Memento Calendar a lot! I've been recently getting into philosophers and eventually was practicing Stoicism. When I found this calendar on your Instagram page, it helped me to reprioritize my life, try not to make the little problems in my life so massive, and overall be more productive. Seeing a calendar reminding me of how much time I have left before I die seemed scary at first, but it actually reprogrammed how I view the world and the changes I had to make in order to reach my goals.

Clemens Brandtner

It‘s pretty neat.

Heather N
Applied Stoicism

This calendar allows me to look at life through a stoic lens… always being mindful of how each moment is spent— knowing that our precious lifetime is limited. I highly recommend it to anyone that wants a simple, yet powerful, tool to overcome procrastination or simply reflect on weeks gone by.

Devan Bernardino
Great Calendar

I wanted a small print out of the Memento Mori for my desk to remind me not to waste time. Keeps reminding me to stick to my goals!

Abhi Chugh

Loved It

Liz Perry

Memento Mori Life Calendar (Download)

Sima st jean
A little too much

The visual of my life is honestly a little too intense for me. That's just me personally, though I'm sure others can handle it better